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Unity is power, let us fly

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This weekend, the Tiancheng management and sales team conducted a unique and meaningful outdoor development. Feelings, feelings, and gratitude, please remember that at this moment, time allows us to grow, let our team thrive, let us discover that the adult is so cute. ——2016-9-3

For the first time to participate in such outreach activities, we did not expect much from the beginning. Fresh and outdoor are the reasons why we are attracted to the show. We have taken selfies, double shots, playing V (smirking...)

10.jpg After the official start, the season coach broke the current state of ours. "I see you are a gang now, not a team." Humorous but let people think... From now on, I believe that today’s activities are not Same as general...

We are divided into two groups of PK confrontation, believe in our team, cooperation, coordination, coordination, mutual assistance, thinking, analysis, unified implementation plan, complete individual program tasks, and help teammates complete. Every little game has a huge philosophy.

Eagle (eagle eagle, we are all elite) VS iron fist (iron fist iron fist, bravely forward)

The first game, "Speed Speed", took 47 chaotic cards in sequence at the fastest speed. At the beginning we couldn't believe the strength of the team. The solution was to send 1-2 people to complete, but the time was too long.

"The strength of the team is great." In the end, we all understand this truth. Only when the whole team is dispatched can we strive to complete the task within one minute.

◆ Determine the correct plan, believe in the strength of the team, and give up their duties to win.

The two events "Roman Fort", the sound of joy, we built the fort and water bombs, using techniques to launch water bombs to attack each other, water bombs and sweat to wet our chest.

Rich morning activities, we have a picnic at noon, and the superb cooking of our colleagues is vividly displayed, full of color and flavor...

After the meal, we conducted a mental confrontation "Da Vinci Code" to find out the regularity of the 24 cards covered, and open them. The key is to accurately remember the characteristics of the card, feedback to the captain, and analyze the rules after registration.

◆ Just as we are in the sales activities, accurately feedback the market information to the boss and conduct market analysis before we can get an accurate market execution plan.

After the brainpower confrontation, we also carried out two teams to assist the game "Plum Blossom Pile" and "Pearl Miles".

◆ “Assistance, joint force and mutual trust”, let us complete the task as fast as possible.

◆ Vicious competition, continuous circulation, only two loses, only win-win can get the results we want.

The final BOSS mission, "Graduation Wall", a task that we thought was impossible to complete, but in the end we successfully completed, because in our big team, everyone pays hard, someone does "human wall", let us step on knees and shoulders Someone is desperately pulling on it. Someone pushes the protective pad underneath. Although some of us have failed in the middle, we can't climb and fall. Although some people have their shoulders and knees stepped on the red, some people have used their hands to tremble with red eyes, although the first attempt timed out. failure. However, our team, the more and more brave, the second time the wall, 23 people completed in 4 minutes and 33 seconds. We are tired, we are moved, and our hearts are closer.

After graduation, we moved ourselves, moved others, and moved the team. From the beginning of the small fight, it became a heart gradually approaching.

I hope my partners, please remember that in this event, our hands and hands, our trust, the strength of each other, mutual understanding, unity is power! Come on!

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